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Wood Siding



Wood siding is a classic choice. Chosen by homeowners, designers and architects for its look and feel. Its practicality and affordable option has gained it a favourable reputation. It has now become one of the more popular choices amongst siding material.

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From a practical standpoint, wood can be installed quickly by a siding installer, and often times by a homeowner, to save on installation cost. It’s easily replaced and, in many cases, the homeowner can take care of the repairs without needing to exhaust extra cost in paying an expert to do it. It’s easy to paint and can be painted or stained any colour at a minimal cost.

Our trained siding experts will sit down with you and go over the different types and styles, while educating you on how to care for your siding to ensure longer lasting results. lasting results. Real wood comes in a variety of styles to fulfill the needs and desires of any homeowner, builder or designer. You will have the opportunity to choose between hand-cut shakes, machine-cut shingles, solid wood and many others, while looking at whether or not you would prefer a lodgepole pine , both of which are decay-resistant. Our experts will ensure the decision is as detailed as possible, so if you choose wood cladding, there is the option of either a horizontal or a vertical style to accommodate the plan.

With the increase of homeowners wanting to go “green,” wood is ecologically sound and is the very definition of biodegradable. It’s widely known as one of the most ecologically friendly types of siding on the market.

This classic option has a history to its reputation, as well as its actual fabric being one of real and genuine and is notably sought after as a result of the aesthetic and environmental appeal. Often times, the choice of wood is a result of all of its visual and practical benefits; however, its economical and inexpensive options are a bonus!

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