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Aluminum Siding



Every type of siding comes with its advantages. The detail of these advantages are all important considerations when making your final decision on what type of siding material works best for you, your family or your business. Our team of trained siding experts will give you all the time you need to look at every option that suits your home improvement decisions.


Aluminum siding has become popular for various reasons, namely cost effectiveness, visual appeal and durability. There are over 11 Turkstra Lumber locations in Southwestern Ontario to serve you, our valued customer, and all of your siding needs. We take great pride in the training of our associates to answer any and all of your siding questions and guide you to the right answers. To help you with your choices, some of these details on aluminum siding may include:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Durability and warranty
  • Maintenance requirements

Aluminum siding’s popularity is a result of its history of proven advantages. Its durability results in it lasting upwards to 40 years; Any damage is an easy fix with simple sanding, painting or replacing of individual sections rather than the entire exterior. Aluminum siding can often be installed in a day and costs upwards to 80% less than other siding material. This product can easily be replaced in sections and if scuffed can be renewed with a fresh coat of paint. Upon consulting with a Turkstra expert on siding, you will receive tool kits and instructions directly from the manufacturer, in order to save you time and money on the installation process.

Whether you’re remodeling the exterior of your home for your family, for resale purposes or you’re a builder, aluminum siding is a great consideration and addition to your home.

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