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The process of selecting the material to showcase your home is a very important one, not only for its obvious aesthetic purposes but will impact future costs in repairs. As always at Turkstra Siding we see the value in asking the right questions and providing you with the right answers to ensure you make the best choice for you and your family or business. We have the answers and the questions at your fingertips.

Fusion Stone

Stone siding is a traditional material still used today by many home builders. Although its cost is higher, compared to other exterior building material, it does offer long-term advantages that make the initial cost worth the investment. We will take you through the reasons why stone siding is known for:

  • Appearance
  • Versatility
  • Durability
  • Environmental sustainability

Stone siding is formal, elegant and classic and can achieve a certain rustic effect by applying smaller, unfinished pieces. It brings with it a sense of timelessness and has the possibility of bringing an old-world charm, unlike other siding choices. Stone siding comes in an array of colours, styles and textures. As a result of the various architectural looks builders and designers can choose, there is a freedom in creating your own design. From Georgian to country or cottage style homes, you can achieve your desired look to create your dream home.

Stone Siding is weather resistant. Elements such as direct sunlight, rain, hail and high winds do not impact this siding material. In addition, humidity and the dampness and mould that it brings will not degrade this superior product. And in the unfortunate event of a fire, stone siding will prevail.

In conclusion, stone siding walls are classic, timeless and will allow you to achieve the most desired and pleasing of home designs.

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